Fun with Friends

Looking for a fun night out? Look no more! Team up and bring your family and friends to play our fun, pulse-racing puzzle rooms.

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Team Games

Our rooms are ideal for corporate groups to have creative and engaging sessions. Teambuilding has never been so addictive!

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Problem Solving

Learning problem solving and new ideas outside the classroom is an enriching and rewarding experience for students.

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Educational Activities

Education is part of life. It should be fun and challenging… not boring. Learn while you play games!

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Our Games

 crime scene CRIME SCENE

The Gambini crime family hosted their usual Friday night poker game yesterday, but this time, it turned deadly.Violence erupted, the cheat got murdered, and the suspects quickly fled the scene. After sweeping the crime scene, the police have called you, the head officer from the Special Investigations Unit to investigate. Can you solve the case?

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He’s been dead for thousands of years — but that doesn’t mean he can’t still wake up! On an expedition in Egypt, you are separated from your group when you take a wrong turn and somehow end up trapped in a room with a long-dead Egyptian Pharaoh…who’s starting to moan and groan. Can you solve all the puzzles and get out before you have to face the wrath of the mummy?

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Vault Heist Escape

Now you will be the bad guys ! You have had a long, successful career as a professional bank thief, but today you will be facing your greatest challenge yet, as you will be attempting a heist at the most important bank in town.Your team has gone ahead of you and left clues and hints around the main office, which you will be expected to find in order to crack the code on the main vault and escape before the police arrive!

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Escape from Dino Island ESCAPE FROM DINO ISLAND

Dino island has become a famous tourist attraction and countless tourists flock to the island. However due to a malfunction in the control room, there was a power outage, and now all those dangerous dinosaurs are roaming around free and uncontrollable. You are stranded on the island with no external help available and you can only depend on yourselves to survive.
One hour of bravery will save your life! Will you be able to get to the park’s guardian cabin to find the map and get out before the dinosaurs get you?

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Customer Review

Went to Master Escape Room with a few friends and had a terrific time. We did the Crime Scene room and thought it was challenging, but a lot of fun. We wanted to do the other rooms but they were already booked! But we will definitely be back soon to try the other two rooms.


Samantha F.
This was my first time and I really loved it !
It is a really great team building exercise. I really enjoyed it. The puzzles were a lot more challenging than I expected, but it’s is great! Definitely recommend this place ! Plus if you get stuck you get hints that don’t give away the answer, but really help you out a lot.


Morgan Bowman
Four weeks ago
Challenging, exciting, thrilling, and so much fun. Try to fill the room with your own friends and you will really have a blast. Only 30% make it out in time….we did it!!!!!